Selecta has introduced a range of convenient hygiene and safety solutions to help people feel safe when returning to work and while on-the-go. From hygiene kits to sanitising dispensers and vending machines offering safety products, we have introduced flexible solutions to cater to different needs.

Ways we can help


For people who need to be out and about, Selectas’ dedicated ‘Safety Stations’ and many other vending machines, provide convenient access to face masks, hand sanitisers and more.

We have also adding protective equipment, such as face masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes, into many of our smart vending machines, in addition to snacks and drinks.

And contactless payment options make it convenient and easy to make a purchase whilst minimising physical contact with the machine.


In the office

For companies looking for practical solutions for cleaning coffee machine touch screens, surfaces, hot desks, break areas, and meeting rooms between the use, our hygiene kits are a convenient solution. The kits come with a set of ecological cleaning products, designed specifically for this purpose. We also offer hand sanitizer dispensers that can be placed in the areas of common use.

For those who are continuing to work remotely, we offer a special range of care packages that companies can order to show support for their remote workforce.


Tips to manage hygiene around the coffee machines

Tip 1 - Where are the coffee machines in your company? In a walkway, narrow kitchen area, or a busy department? Consider placing extra (temporary) coffee machines to help spread the traffic (this tip applies to printers and waste bins as well).

Tip 2 - In many cases, the coffee machine hasn’t been used for weeks which can cause problems during startup. Ask your Selecta representative for our restart instructions, or we can send one of our Technicians from your area.

Tip 3 - Ask your Selecta representative for Selecta guidelines on how to use your machine to prevent contamination near your coffee machine.


Contact your local Selecta office and a Customer Care representative can answer your questions and help guide you to the right solution.